Live Oak Whiskey

A Truly Unique Whiskey

  Live Oak Whiskey is a bold, one of a kind spirit handmade in Jacksonville, Florida.  We use a special blend of Oats, Barley, Rye and Corn to create a unique, mature, full-flavored experience.  Live Oak Whiskey is carefully crafted for all to appreciate: from the seasonal connoisseur to the recreational spirit enthusiast.  At the center stage of our craft is a unique sonic enhancement process.  Along with traditional distilling techniques and practices, a subsonic frequency interacts with our proprietary blend of Oak Chips to bring this spirit to life and put a new spin on traditional whiskey.  Technology meets tradition to deliver a full-bodied whiskey with complex flavor profiles, a gorgeous deep amber and caramel color and bold oak explosions.  All with a smooth and mellow finish that will leave you ready for the next round.  Get Low with Live Oak Whiskey.  

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Grey Matter Distillery

7949 Atlantic Blvd Unit 204 Jacksonville, Florida 32211

(904) 723-1114